Upcoming Events Schedule

Please contact us via our website or Facebook page for more information on any of our upcoming events. 


Tuesday 25th August: Own A Pony Day

Suitable for all abilities - Includes lesson & hack - 9am 'til 4pm - £35


Wednesday 26th August: Teddy Bears Picnic Ride

Aimed at our younger riders - Includes hack & pony games - Bring your own picnic - 10am 'til 2pm - £20


Thursday 27th August : Showjumping Clinic

Learn to set up a showjumping course, followed by an in depth lesson in riding the course - £20


Friday 28th August: Evening Showjumping Competition

Open to all - Horse hire available for £20 - Classes start at 5.30pm from clear round to 95cm - £5 per class


Monday 31st August: Pub Hack

Advanced riders only - 3 to 4 hour ride with a stop at the pub - Includes food at the pub - £30